January 17, 2005
Calgary, AB,

Dear Fred

I wanted to send you and Ken a short note to tell you how pleased Susan and I are with the installation and operation of our Wolf Watermaker. Last summer we learned first hand that ‘home made’ water can taste much better than the ‘city’ water we have become accustomed to.

The watermaker easily makes 30 gallons an hour and has allowed us the freedom to stay at perfect anchorages without worrying about water consumption. One less thing to have to worry about!! We are really looking forward to our offshore trip and not having to worry about taking on possibly contaminated water at foreign ports.

The custom control panel/box that you built for our cockpit locker is truly a work of art as the space is limited and yet all of the controls and gauges are easy to use. It makes the overseeing of the process very convenient.

If you have potential customers that would like to communicate directly with a current owner of a unit please provide them with my contact information and I can let them know how pleased we are with our watermaker.

Yours truly,
Tim & Susan Sanderson
s/v Falcon VII

24 March 2003

Opua, Bay of Islands,
New Zealand.


I purchased my Wolf Watermaker about 10 months ago and I have  been extremely pleased with it.  It is one of the few pieces of equipment that I have fitted to my boat which have exceeded my best expectations. I am happy to recommend it and anyone may e-mail me for confirmation.

The watermaker reliably produces 80 litres per hour of good quality drinking water.  The installation is rugged and fits into space which is otherwise unusable.  I delayed installing a watermaker because electric watermakers produce so little water for the power consumed.  The Wolf engine powered watermaker has transformed the quality of life onboard with an abundant supply of water.

David Lanton:
S/V Beacon
e-mail: MZNG3@sailmail.com.

03 December 2002
Russell, Bay of Islands,
New Zealand

From: Tom and Jo Ribbens

We've just arrived back at home after another fun five days on our boat and wanted to let you know that "as usual" the only thing that worked absolutely the way it was supposed to and 100% of the time was our water maker.  It has certainly taken a lot of time and guess work out of being out on our boat.  There is nothing more frustrating than running out of water when you're at the perfect anchorage.  The water maker has given us a whole new freedom and confidence in our boating.  What a pleasure! The volume output is excellent as well.  We've had seven people (and one Schnauzer) on board for several days at a time--lots of cooking, dishwashing and showers (especially the Schnauzer, and with running the water maker for two hours a day, we had an ample supply of water.
Thanks very much for a wonderful product that does exactly what it's supposed to do!  If you ever have anyone who's undecided and would like to talk to someone who actually has one of your makers on their boat, please give them our phone number - we would be more than happy to tell them how happy we have been with ours.  

Many thanks and regards,
Tom and Jo

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